Who we are

The company "Reginato Fratelli Srl" was founded in the mid-fifties in Villanova d'lstrana, a small village in the province of Treviso, close to the Venice area. The founder was Pietro Reginato with the invention of a patented product for dry cleaning called "Lavasecco".

Pietro Reginato was joined by his sons Piergiorgio, Mario and Giovanni, followed by Paolo. They soon started to sell a wide type of products that appeared in the sixties on the market, such as the first laundry detergents (saponin), the first soaps and many other products for cleaning the house.

In 1965 the first warehouse was built.

The seventies saw the birth of shops and the first supermarkets in Italy, hence the Company felt the need to expand the logistics structure, the number of sales employees and the administrative staff. From the initial motivation to build their own products, they started to sell all types of detergents, including products for personal hygiene, household items, perfumes, cosmetics and gift items.

The time was ripe and in 1973 a new warehouse was created together with the idea to open direct sales points of ownership, defined as "specialized".

In 1980 they opened the first "non-food" store called “Arcobaleno” obtaining an extraordinary success. 8 other Arcobaleno stores then followed throughout the years.

In any case, the main business remained the wholesale sector, which sees nowadays an increase in sales force above all throughout Northern and Middle Italy.

In 2012 the central warehouse and offices have been moved from the historical office of Istrana to the close industrial area of ​​Padernaello di Paese, always in province of Treviso.

Reginato Fratelli Srl has been linked to a purchasing group for over 25 years, having access to discounts and promotions nationwide. This is an important aspect in order to be always competitive and up-to-date with the many innovations introduced on the market.

Currently Reginato Fratelli Srl has about 70 employees divided among warehouse workers, drivers, employees and sellers.

”Arcobaleno Srl” is the company which manages the stores in the same name, and it counts about 25 employees in 10 stores.

In 2018 Reginato Fratelli Srl has decided to expand its sales channels and to open a B2B e-commerce to sell its products online in order to reach a wider network of companies that can buy easily and in a few click all they need.

Reginato Fratelli Srl is synonymous of quality, convenience and assistance: in any way you decide to buy the products (online or off-line) you will always be satisfied.